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Litigation Support for Attorneys

For legal proceedings requiring business valuations, expert testimony, or other specialized financial or accounting analysis, Estep-Doctor & Company is uniquely equipped to serve law firms and their clients.  Our Certified Valuation Analysts (CVAs*) are prepared to hear about your case.  Use the contact form below for a prompt response.

Estep-Doctor & Company professionals provide litigation support to attorneys in two primary ways.  First, we are asked to serve in the role of consultant to legal counsel.  Prior to legal proceedings, our specialized knowledge and analysis (all non-discoverable) may shed important insights on your fact-finding and help inform your litigation strategy.

Professional critique of a non-certified valuation of a business or assets is a common request.


Second, we may be asked to testify as an expert witness.  In cases of marital dissolution, a professional opinion of value may be required.  Testimony often relates to shareholder or owner disputes.  For example, if no buy-sell agreement is in place, counsel will often call upon a business valuation and/or expert testimony while the case is being tried.

In divorce proceedings, pension valuations are common as the assets must be valued in order to be divided.

Additionally, we can be an important part of an estate planning team, especially for a business owner who needs a reliable valuation to determine their best course -- gifting versus sale or other options, all of which are better for your client than probate.

*CVA is a specialized designation requiring advanced coursework and continuing education in addition to the CPA certification.  Our lead CVA is Brian CoxContact Estep-Doctor & Company with your litigation support questions now, and we will respond promptly.

What is "Your Success?"

When we say "Your Success Is Our Goal" to you, our colleagues in the legal profession, it has even deeper meaning than usual.  By serving you with excellence, service to your clients is enhanced as well.  Click to contact us today.

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