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Auditing and Assurance

Estep-Doctor & Company performs a wide range of audit services, primarily specializing in SOC engagements and financial statement audits. 

Service Organization Controls (SOC)

The audit team of Estep-Doctor & Company frequently performs SOC examinations including review of the description of the service organization's system, the suitability of the design of internal controls, and operating effectiveness of the controls.  The work is complex and expertise is essential.

This gives SOC 1 engagements a procedural focus.  SOC 2 engagements have more of a defined focus, aiming to examine and report on a service organization's controls relevant to any or all of five factors:

  1. security

  2. availability

  3. processing integrity

  4. confidentiality, and/or

  5. privacy


These types of engagements were formerly called by other names including SAS-70, SSAE-16, and more. 

We serve third party administrators (TPAs) and other organizations with these important engagements.  The results of both types of audits are often relied upon by the service organizations' clients and their auditors.  Our Director of Assurance is David Lewis.  Our audit team is highly experienced and also includes Ben Smith, Joey O'Connor and Brad Haggard


Contact Estep-Doctor & Company with your assurance questions now, and we will respond promptly.


Not-for-Profit Organization and Other Auditing

Estep-Doctor & Company conducts financial statement audits for nonprofit organizations and other entities.  These audits are relied upon for internal management use and often by state or other governmental audiences.  Expertise is essential.

For not-for-profit organizations, audits are to obtain a reasonable assurance of accuracy on the financials, and to give assurance to donors and other parties that the organization's reports are sound.

For trusts, many parties depend on the accuracy and integrity of the foundation or fund.  For construction contractors, bonding agents often insist upon audited financial statements in order to complete the bonding on a given project.

Our Director of Assurance is David Lewis.  Our experienced audit team also includes Ben Smith, Joey O'Connor and Brad Haggard.

Contact Estep-Doctor & Company with your audit questions now, and we will respond promptly.


Why Choose Estep-Doctor & Company?

The audit team of Estep-Doctor & Company is built on expertise and client cooperation.  Our experience runs deep and our own processes are peer reviewed annually as part of the "Enhancing Audit Quality" initiative of the AICPA.

Fieldwork often takes about a week depending on the scope and specifics of the audit.  To minimize disruption to you, we mobilize a team of 2-5 qualified professionals to help keep the process to the most efficient timeline possible.  Upon completion of the on-site portion, we continue with confirmations and other work, with issuance of the audited financial statement(s) within 60 days.

For your next assurance project for any audience, please contact Estep-Doctor & Company for a conversation and quote.

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