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Business Valuations

Reliable, thorough business valuations are a vital part of decision making for a variety of legal or transactional situations.  Estep-Doctor & Company is uniquely equipped to help clients, attorneys, trust officers, and estate/investment managers with a detailed, objective analysis to assist in determining values.  Our Certified Valuation Analysts (CVAs) are on staff at Estep-Doctor & Company and ready to speak with you.

CVA is a specialized designation requiring advanced coursework and continuing education in addition to the CPA certification.


Valuations have a direct influence on the decisions related to buying, selling, or gifting a business interest.  There are a number of pricing and tax considerations that a proper valuation will help to inform.


Business valuations also play a key role in litigation requiring an opinion of value.  Contested transactions, divorce proceedings, and other situations require a professional approach and proven best practices in order to suit the needs of the courts, clients and attorneys. 

Estate and inheritance decisions rely on business valuations due to the complex and important tax consequences of various choices that must be made.

Our lead CVA is Brian CoxContact Estep-Doctor & Company with your business valuation questions now, and we will respond promptly.

What is "Your Success?"

When we say "Your Success Is Our Goal" to you, our colleagues in the legal profession, it has even deeper meaning than usual.  By serving you with excellence, service to your clients is enhanced as well.  Click to contact us today.

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