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Explore, develop and thrive.

In large firms and many smaller ones, new accountants can quickly get crammed into a specific niche -- and find themselves stuck with it.  At Estep-Doctor & Company, we give you exposure to different specialties and different career paths so you can discover the one(s) where you thrive.

We promise our clients, "Your success is our goal."  And we promise the same to you.  When you succeed, we all do.

We have a broad menu of service and specialty areas that will see up close and participate in.  As you find the area(s) that suit you best, your best work will rise to the top.  That is how we make sure our clients win, and so do you.


Estep-Doctor & Company continues to grow because of this unique culture.  Clients want to be served by consultants who are experts in the subject matter and enjoy what they do.  Our client feedback echoes this.

Join the professional accounting firm where your development is fostered and your contributions are valued.  We think you'll agree that's better than being stuck in a narrowly defined box of someone else's choosing.  You will be encouraged to explore, gain experience, and take part in real client service.

For individuals and businesses across a full spectrum of industries, we begin with the end in mind:  With clients -- and with you -- your success is our goal.

To apply for an internship or full-time position with Estep-Doctor & Company, please submit your resume by email here or mail it to:

        Estep-Doctor & Company

        Attn: Recruiting

        3737 W. Bethel Ave.

        Muncie, IN  47304

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