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Tax Planning

Income tax ​planning -- personal and business alike -- is what Certified Public Accountants are probably best known for.  Tax planning is a huge step toward our goal of client success.  Advance preparation puts you in the best possible place to make decisions that will affect your lifestyle, your retirement, your family and more.

Our expertise runs deep and we continually monitor updates to the tax code to make sure all our counsel is up to date.  (Outdated advice can be worse than no advice at all!)  When new legislation or regulations emerge, we scour them for adjustments and opportunities to recommend for you.

There are sweeping changes now in effect and some are even retroactive, so we are very busy helping clients move into the best possible position for retirement and their other priorities.  See the videos below for quick overviews of the conversations we'd like to have with you.

Now more than ever, it's important to have good counsel and the right answers.  Contact Estep-Doctor & Company with your tax planning questions and we will respond promptly.

NEW! IRA Strategy for 2017-18
NEW! Smart 2018 Gifting Strategies
Qualified Charitable Distributions
Charitable Deductions and Schedule A

These videos were made in collaboration with Financial Enhancement Group.  More to come!

What is "Your Success?"

When we say "Your Success Is Our Goal" to you, you are the one who defines a great outcome.  Tax strategies affect not only the taxes you pay now, but influence your estate, your retirement, your community involvement, and much more.  Let's make sure you get it right.  Click to contact us today.

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